John Kennedy gana las elecciones en USA!

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”And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you— ask what you can do for your country”


9th November, 1960: Senator John F Kennedy wins the election for the president of the United States.


The movements and policies created in the 1960s continue to ripple through our society today. Along with the social movements, the 1960s also influenced the history of music with innovative artists who dared to make a stand against the establishment. Whether this is looked upon as a positive or negative effect that emerged from the era, it is still a necessary idea to maintain our culture. The artists of the 60s not only exemplified this ideal, but it also made it a popular thing to do that continues to this day.
Below are some of the popular artists and groups from the 1960’s
Were you lucky enough to see them live in concert
The Beach Boys * The Beatles * Roy Orbison * Buddy Holly * The Drifters * Jim Reeves * The Mamas & the Papas * The Monkees * The Rolling Stones * Simon and Garfunkel * The Supremes * Fleetwood Mac * Aretha Franklin * Gary Puckett & The Union Gap * The Grateful Dead * The Bee Gees * The Jimi Hendrix Experience * Cream * Pink Floyd* Moody Blues * David Bowie * Etc.(this is not a musical group!)


The Twin Reporter: John Fitzgerald Kennedy gana las elecciones en los Estados Unidos de NorteAmerica! * 1960 * USA

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