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Convert your files to Ebook formats! ePub, FB2, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF, TCR!

Ebook Converter allows you to convert almost all files to the below mentioned ebook formats! You can even change specific settings and select sometimes for what ebook reader the file is going to be used.

How can we convert almost every file on your phone? Well, the converting is accomplished by uploading your file to the cloud where it will be converted and downloaded back to your phone. This all occurs really fast and while the converting is being done you can just continue using your phone.

– Over 100 source formats are supported
– Convert to ePub (.epub), FB2 (.fb2), LIT (.lit), LRF (.lrf), MOBI (.mobi), PDB (.pdb), PDF (.pdf), TCR (.tcr)
– Use your own file manager application and select Ebook Converter to open. This will load the file automatically! 


I have used this App several times now and it is quick and works without a hitch. The question is why convert to ebook? Simple, an ebook is easier to read and keeps a bookmark. When you read alot of research documents like I do these features alone are worth their weight in gold. Plus, the ebook bookshelf is a nice way of browsing my files instead of trawling through document folders on my device.


5 stars for this one

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