External News Sites



Our students invite you to visit the following EXTERNAL sites to choose the kind of news you like for your student newspaper or magazine, to practice your language skills in a foreign language. Ask your teacher what to do. Enjoy it.

Wikinoticias Org Spanish  http://es.wikinews.org

Wikinews Org English http://en.wikinews.org

Wikinews Org French http://fr.wikinews.org 

Christian Science Monitor (English) * World http://www.csmonitor.com 

Zimbio News * English * Entertainment plus http://www.zimbio.com

Euro News * Languages Spa Eng Fre Ger Russ Pluss http://fr.euronews.net 

RIA Novosti * Languages  Spa Eng Fre Ger Russ Plus http://sp.rian.ru

Google News Search * World newspapers http://www.google.com

Wired News * Journalism Students * Tips in English http://wiredjournalists.com 

Mon JT Quotidien * Video News for Children * French  http://www.monjtquotidien.com/

Radio Formula Mexico * Denisse Maerker * Spanish http://www.radioformula.com.mx/perfil.asp

Reporte Indigo Com * Denisse Dresser * Spanish http://www.reporteindigo.com/busqueda/results/denisse%20dresser 

All Voices Com * Send us your story


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