Une chute de 37 kilomètres depuis l’espace

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Une chute de 37 kilomètres depuis l’espace : un défi bientôt relevé ?   A 41 ans, l’Autrichien Felix Baumgartner souhaite entrer dans le livre des records en franchissant le mur du son sans embarquement. Il compte effectuer en même temps, le plus haut vol e…    Maxisciences France


Equipped For An Epic Fall


Photo by Christopher Griffith

The Helmet: One of the more difficult tasks was developing the visor’s heating element. It had to be adjusted just right to prevent fogging and icing but not melt the visor.

The Suit: At 120,000 feet high, air pressure is so low that nitrogen “boils” out of the blood without external pressure. His suit—designed by NASA contractor David Clark—serves as a prototype for the next generation of low-pressure protective gear.

The Gloves: Each mitt has a mirror on the back of the hand, since Baumgartner won’t be able to turn his head to be sure his chute has deployed.

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