Mansfield ISD students chat with astronauts in orbit



MANSFIELD — Some students in the Mansfield ISD got the chance of a lifetime on Tuesday.

The crew of Expedition 30 aboard the International Space Station fielded questions from youngsters at Asa Low Intermediate School via satellite.

Students lined the auditorium stage to get answers from the astronauts about everything from health to what a normal work day is like.

Sixth-grader Patrick Wickstrom said he asked the astronauts: “Do you sweat in space? If you do, does it float?”

Fifth-grader Alexis Facundo asked what the astronauts got to take with them into space. “I would have thought they would bring something close to them,” she said.

For the students it was a chance to learn about NASA and the 100-plus science experiments the astronauts are conducting at the space station.

Teacher Patricia Londono said the question-and-answer session is an important learning tool. “The next thing is the Orion, and we really need to get our kids inspired and interested in this so they can come up with those things that are going to go to Mars and Saturn, further into space,” she said.

It’s a lesson that has left a lasting impression with these students.

“It was really exciting, I was astounded.” Alexis said.

“This is basically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you can never ever do it again,” Patrick added.

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